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    I’ve just updated to firmware 3.1, I’m trying to set AE lock to the Fn button. But not having much luck. I’ve watched the youtube videos but not having much luck. Any advice would be great.

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    it is really interesting, thanks!

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    Hi Thegman,

    First, u need to go to the Customize Control submenu, which is the first choice on page 4 of the Main Menu. Once inside, u can assign the AE-L function to either the Fn button or Right Wheel button or both; simply by switching the AE-L On or Off. When AE-L is turned on during shooting, there is a little “AE” lock symbol at the lower left corner of the EVF or back monitor. A little tip, u can add the Customize Control submenu into ur Favorite Menu for faster access. I hope this help and I really like the CL as an everyday/travel camera.

    Happy Shooting,

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    I think you got your solution. Thanks.

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    It is interesting. hope you got your solution. Thanks

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