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    How to choose the right shampoo for eyelash extensions? I have my own beauty salon and the masters say that sometimes clients come with a complaint that their eyelashes break. Now we need a high-quality shampoo for eyelashes. Can you advise a supplier of high-quality eyelash products ?

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    As far as I know, things like shampoo for eyelash extensions are best purchased in specialized online stores. Moreover, you have your own beauty salon, then you will need not only shampoo for eyelash extension A and much more for this procedure.

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    As far as I know, such a procedure as eyelash extensions requires an individual approach to each client. You must have in your salon everything you need to build eyelashes, and there should be a large selection of shampoos for eyelash extensions and other materials necessary for this procedure should be in the presence in a large assortment.

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    A familiar cosmetologist says that eyelashes can break not only from which lash extension shampoo to use. This can be individually, for example, if you naturally have brittle eyelashes. And to purchase lash extension shampoo is better in online stores where they sell everything they need for this procedure. And it will be better if you have a large selection of such shampoo in the cabin, and other materials for building should be widely represented.

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    Absolutely right. You have to take an individual approach in this business. The client may have allergies or some other intolerance to cosmetic products. Therefore, the choice should be huge in the salon. Just in case, consult doctors what are the cases and what should be avoided and how. Then you can store around for products.

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