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    So I am pretty sure that most of you here won't be interested in this mini guide because you probably already have a Leica. But for those in the process of buying an M9 or (i believe) M9-P, I've just been through the same process and I discovered two ways to check if the sensor was replaced or not, they should not exclude each other.

    I am writing this because I really wished I knew before buying, it would have saved me a long argument with the owner that apparently did not like the fact that I did not trust him. However, seems like I've got the right deal.

    So a short introduction: there had been 3 recall campaingns for that sensor:

    Campaign 1 –> substitute with the same sensor

    Campaign 2 –> substitute with a new iteration of the old sensor (that still corroded)

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    I’m sorry I see that you’ve explained that there were two different campaigns to solve the corrosion issues. Was that all you were trying to say? You made it sound like you had a helpful guide to detecting if a sensor has been replaced. Maybe I’m missing something?

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