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    Hi there,
    I research an tilt Shift for my S2, 80 or better 120, 2,8 aperture it’s nice,
    I have Mamiya ring but if I found another trade I take it !
    any ideas is welcome !
    thanks for your help,

    Ps: In Mamiya 645 It’s 50 F4 tilt shift is too short for my work…but maybe with extender…100 F8..???

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    Mark Gowin

    David Farkas and Josh Leher brought along a Schneider 120mm tilt/shift lens on the S2 Fall Foliage trip. It was in Mamiya mount and attached to the S2 via adapter. I tried the lens a couple times. It is very well built, easy to use (once you learn how to use it), and it is a very good performer.

    I am sure David or Josh can provide additional info.

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    Yes I saw this lens….But 5,6 aperture…but why not ! 😉

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