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    Hi, I’m 21 years old, after May will be 22, I’m not rich yet, been working hard to self publish my first book to earn some fund, I like Leica as well, and I really want to buy a Leica M10 as my first camera, I know it sound too much for some, but I know it’s a great camera and will hold value and I don’t need another camera for long time, and I also consider myself skilled at photography, so it will not be a waste for me if I have a Leica, do you think it would be OK to start with a Leica M10? It still a long way before I can afford one, and original I plan to get the Sony RX100 V, for its photo and video quality, but if I buy it then I will need to save more again to get a Leica M10, so how do you think? I planned to get the LEICA 35mm f/1.4 ASPH SUMMILUX-M lens.

    I will shoot travel, event, fashion show to day to day and challenge myself to shoot everything except video! 😀


    Just to clarify, I want it but not to be a fashion photographer, just to shoot travel, street, daily, event, and use as normal camera, just I like manual, and the small size of the camera, and would like to bring it to all kinds of event to challenge myself to shoot great pictures.

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