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    This is a link to my flickr…
    Yesterday Shooting in Studio with Julie,
    2 beauty dish, one soft box, reflectors…
    S2 and 120 Macro for all except few with Mamiya 80 1,9 – 110 2,8, 150 3,5 – 210 F4…
    Enjoy !


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    Thanks for the details; I had run across these on Flickr. I am still wondering about what lens for half-length / full-length fashion…120mm or 70? Mostly from the standpoint of image quality or look. Maybe there is not so much of a difference, I don’t know. Working distance I don’t really care about.

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    Hello , 120 and 70 it’s good for the portrait and fashion…;)
    I’ve put on new photo on flickr…

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