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    Jack MacD

    Dalethorn has been nice enough to post plenty of his work, and I thank him.
    It motivated me to post a few. I have discussed the camera a bit, but not shown much output.
    I bought this T to be used in situations where an iPhone fails me. For my work, I use an S. While the T is not an S. But it is a pleasure to learn to use. And like all cameras, it does take practice. So here is some byproduct of practice.
    But while I really bought the T for people grabs and video, those shots are private, so these shots are without people.
    I think Leica will do very well with this camera, and while it is not a totally pocketable camera, it is the right size to use, and the grip is excellent.
    Oh, and Josh and David, the white T hand strap arrived today thank you. I find that I can use it for attaching the camera to my belt when I am not using it. Just wrap it twice around the belt and it will not slip.

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    These images have a near-perfect range of colors and contrast, which brings to mind the erstwhile Kodak Moment, where everything ‘clicks' literally and figuratively. While I don't subscribe to the Kodak Instamatic philosophy, I keep it in mind as a thought for simplicity and aesthetics, and I think that's going to drive ‘T' sales. I'm not swayed in the least by the naysayers, who jump on new products like piranhas on a fresh meal – the T makes an outstanding image for those who are lucky enough to get the perfect light, or have patience to go back and try again. And it looks really, really cool.

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