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    Just to say that I received my adapter from Michael Leibfritz today, after my short holiday in Oslo with the family. I have only managed a very short 5 minute play with it, using my 280/4 APO and 180/2 lenses.

    Firstly it looks beautifully machined. Easy to fit (R lens to adapter and then adapter to S body). Although you have to use MF and stop down metering, I don’t find that a real issue. Michael’s estimates of the max focussing distance seem about spot on – 12m for the 180 and 20m for the 280. I am planning to send my lenses to Wetzlar to get the max focus distance adjusted to allow infinity focus on the S.

    When I get time to go outside, I will take a few test shots and post them.

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    I have just been out to do some test shots with my 280/4 APO and 180/2 APO

    Here are the 280/4 APO test shots. Sorry of these are just small jpegs. Please email me off list if you want the full size files – [email]topoxforddoc@btinternet.com[/email]

    My copy of the 280/4 APO focusses past the infinity point already (up to the “m” mark on the barrel). This is 40m + (see car shot). All the images were shot at ISO400 (dull overcast day) with the 280/4 wide open at F4. Full frame and crops enclosed.

    Cars shot – approx 40m+ at max focus distance

    Wall shot – about 10m

    Flower shot – about 5m

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