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    My dream Leica camera is the M-A, however, as an alternative camera for more rugged use, I’m interested in purchasing an M2 as I love the style, (being similar to the M-A) and has the option of a self timer if desired. One of the only issues I see with the camera, beyond the film counter dial, is the fact there is no button guard around the lens release as found on the M-A and M3, etc. That being said, I recently came across a picture of what seems to be a modified M2 with Buddha ear strap lugs along with an additional lug mounted on the bottom left side of the camera for a sling or wrist strap, which I thought was a good idea. I’m curious, however, about the lens release button on this M2 as it seems to have an M3’s button release and guard? Has anyone ever heard of or seen another Leica M2 with a lens button guard and if so, what is this variation called and how may I found one of this nature? I would love to purchase an M2 variant with this feature as, for me, it is a fairly important one to have. Also, as much as having a self timer would be nice, I love the clean look of this one without a self timer or frame line selector lever, quite a nice look. If anyone has any ideas or leads, I would be highly interested and appreciative! All the best and Merry Christmas!


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