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    I recently bought a new M9P with four lenses. I was a longtime M film shooter, sold that gear off years ago, and when the full frame M9 was released I decided to get back into the M system.

    The M9P shutter release is designed so one can press it partially down, to a point of resistance, and lock in an exposure reading, then recompose and shoot. My Canon cameras have a similar function in the shutter release and it works smoothly and perfectly. I find it really difficult to find that first point of resistance with the M9P shutter release. It seems I either press slightly too hard and accidentally trip the shutter prematurely, or do not press it hard enough to lock in the exposure reading. This new camera was in to Leica USA service for some other warranty work and I asked them to check the shutter release function. It does not appear the shutter release was adjusted at all. Do other M users have this problem, i.e. is this a flaw of the camera? I have been shooting professionally for 30+ years and mechanically inclined and well coordinated, but I cannot seem to master this function on the M9P. I bought one of the Thumbs-Up soft touch releases but that does not help with the problem. I am aware of the various options in setting the release but none of those change this issue. I look forward to your responses.

    Mark Weidman

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