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    New to Leica world, still getting used to some quirky menu/interface things after shooting years on Fuji and Canon. Nothing I wasn’t expecting. And I’m really happy with the images I’m getting … when I can get them. I’ve had my Leica QP about 3 weeks and I have to say, the daily freezing/crashing has me pulling my hair out. Is this normal for Leica digital cameras? This can’t be normal. While the images are wonderful, the performance is so finicky I could never use this camera reliably on a work project.

    My experience so far, is I’ll be shooting normally (single shots, street and candid portrait) and then it just freezes up. At first I thought it was just taking a little longer to write to the card, but on trial/error I found when this happens it never resolves and I have to take the battery out to restart. Not the end of the world if it happened very occasionally. But sometimes it keeps the image, and sometimes it doesn’t.

    Last night I was taking some candid portraits of my kids, nothing taxing, and in a 10 minute period it froze/crashed 6 times. If I was 14 I would have thrown it across the room and written off Leica for good. But I’m 41, so I just thought about it and took a very deep breath.

    Any other Q or QP owners having these issues? I’m going to reach out to B&H today about returning it. To have it crash repeatedly under the most mundane and normal “every day” shooting situations is mind boggling. Leica, if you’re reading, I really want to love this camera…but so far it’s been 20 percent joy 80 percent PITA.

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