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    Josh Lehrer

    I was unable to resist giving this combination a quick test while we had this rare and unusual lens in the office. The lens itself is 40 inches long, here’s a shot taken with my D-Lux 5 of the Leica R 800mm f/6.3 APO-Telyt-S and Canon 5D Mark II combo:

    Next, I pointed the lens towards the sunset-lit scenery that is Hallandale, Florida off of my 20th story balcony:

    Canon 5D Mark II with Leica R-800mm, 1/15 second at f/11, ISO200

    For reference, I took this quick snapshot with my D-Lux 5 set to simulate a 50mm lens. The white box represents what the 800mm lens saw. What a difference!

    Leica made less than 350 of these lenses, and combined with a Novoflex Canon EOS-R adapter and a full frame DSLR (with live view of course!) it makes for quite a potent setup.

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    Al Tanabe

    If I recall correctly, if you bought this lens, Leica would include a VW Bug. I think the price at the time – 1972 was about $18,000 for the lens and $2,000 for the VW.

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    Mark Gowin

    Whoa! What a lens. Thank you for sharing the photos from and of this lens. I am drooling. Fortunately, it won’t fit my S2 – my wallet is safe.

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    Pete Walentin

    Looks like a weapon. 😉

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    I have my grandfathers 560mm Telyt-S. Such a treasure.

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    your picture is so atmospheric, you are a real pro!

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