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    Josh Lehrer

    I spent a few hours in Miami Beach over the weekend shooting with the new S. After importing my images into Lightroom, I began playing around with the Map module. Using the built in GPS on the S I was able to track my progress as I walked north along Collins Ave and Ocean Drive, and then west on Lincoln Road. The numbers on the markers indicate how many photos I took at that specific location.

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    Mark Gowin

    That is pretty cool. I can see that feature of the new S as being very beneficial. Of course there are a lot more improvements in the new S that are very beneficial. I wouldn’t trade up for just the GPS, but the sum total of the new features makes it tempting.

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    One of the constant themes in web discussions is that no-one can really get a sense of what images from cameras like the S-System actually look like. Web images are way too low-res.

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