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    Leica USA has just Invited submissions for their second “Leica Women Foto Project”. When you read the bylaws for this project, you come across this:

    “Leica Camera USA made a conscious decision to launch the ‘Leica Women Foto Project’ and not only encourage women to participate and provide a unique perspective on issues they care about today but also allow men to enter with a project that provides a female perspective on a topic related to today’s social, cultural, or political climate.”

    Isn’t there enough male photographic dominance already, without enjoining them to compete with women to “provide a female perspective?” Does this not subtly imply that women photographers are themselves somehow not competent to provide a female perspective? Males also clearly have an advantage when it comes to resources of finances, which enable ability to travel, purchase equipment, hire assistants , etc.
    Should not a “Women Photo Project“ be carried out on a level playing field? Just MHO.

    (BTW this verbiage about male photographers jumping into this women’s project did not appear in last year‘s Leica Women Project bylaws.)

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    I believe that this issue should be discussed. Women have the same rights as men.

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    Wow! Just awesome and I really like these colorful shots, thanks.

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