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    Here’s a few Leica X2 Image Samples. This is a great camera with high IQ.

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    Scott, this is not my genre, but the X2 looks to be doing very well for you! Impressive little camera.

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    They look great.

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    When the X1 was introduced on 9th Sept. 2009, Leica offered a brochure suggesting, or perhaps stating clearly (cannot remember) that images from the fashion shoot in that brochure were made with the X1. And so here for the first time since then, to my eyes anyway, is a real-life collection of comparable images with the X2. And the quality of these validate the X2 as a first-rate shooter, for image quality at the least.

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    I decided to travel light when visiting our son at college in Boston. I took only the X2 with me and I wasn’t disappointed.

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    Very nice images, aboudd. The X2 images are amazing.

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