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    I own and use an M4-P and am extremely happy with it. I’m wondering how many others out there have this outstanding M camera. Mine is black chrome, 1982 vintage.

    I would like to have a nice chrome M4-P one day and I know where there is one for sale. It will have to wait awhile, though; mint M4-P chrome bodies are not low in price.

    If you have an M4-P, stop in, say hi and let us know if yours is black chrome or silver chrome.

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    I have a mint M4-P in chrome. For sale? Perhaps, sometimes I would sell, sometimes I would keep. Send me a PM

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    Just got a lovely example of a black M4-P from a guy in France . well pleased. http://www.ffordes.com had a red one for sale – loved it but prefer to remain akin in a crowd!!

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    I have just acquired a M4-P (chrome with M6 viewfinder) in mint condition.
    The lens arrived today. A mint 50mm f2.8 Elmar.
    Not used a rangefinder before and it is years since I used a film camera. (I currently have a Leica X1 plus a couple of Panasonics.)

    What film do you use?
    Can anyone recommend a film lab. in the UK please?


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    I really like Kodak Tri-X, it is pretty much the only B&W film I use these days.

    As for developing, why not develop your own? The basic film developing gear will pay for itself by the time you develop somewhere between 20-30 rolls if you buy new gear. If you can find good used gear, cut that number in half.

    IMHO the most important thing is to get high quality developing reels. The stainless steel film reels made by Hewes are the only way to go.

    As for chemistry, Tri-X developed in Kodak D-76 developer at 1:1 strength is a great place to start.

    Henry Horenstein’s book “Black and White Photography – A basic manual” is an outstanding reference for those new to developing film. Another great reference book is “Mastering Black and White Photography – from camera to darkroom” by Bernhard J. Suess.

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