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    David K

    Took this shot at a local beach with my new Contax zoom. Lowered the ISO to 80, stopped the lens down to f/32 and voila…an 8-12 second long exposure without the need for an ND filter.

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    Jack MacD

    Wonderful shot.
    Joe Donovan should be proud of how well you learned from him, as did I.

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    Outstanding colors, mood and composition. Thanks for sharing!

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    David K

    Jack, like you I first tried my hand at long exposures on David’s Fall foliage trip. I remember how we all snapped up those ND filters when we saw what we could get using them.

    Peter, I think you’ve identified the key elements…not all of which are under my control. It can take a lot of trips to the beach before the stars are in alignment and you get the clouds, waves and colors to be right. For me sharpness really doesn’t come into play too much in images like this. I’ve no doubt there’s diffraction in this image due to stopping the lens all the way down. But it gets lost in the overall softness of the image.

    Thanks to both of you for your kind comments.

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    Mark Gowin

    David, wonderful image. I agree that sharpness is not important in this case. Peter hit the nail on the head with respect to color, light, and mood. Diffraction at f32 will surely soften the image, perhaps that adds to the mood.

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    Yes, it really is a wonderful image. The motion blur makes all the subtle colors in the sky and seawater blend very nicely. The photo reminds me of the Dutch painters of the seventeenth century. And the seascape with these colors remind me of William Turner too. Well done!

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