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    Jack MacD

    I am working on a book and show project over the next six months. I would like some reaction to the style I am trying. Rather than photograph architecture in a standard way, I am shooting ceilings of buildings and outdoor structures using a very wide angle 16mm for the most part.

    Started this with the S2 and as we know, there is no equivalent to a 16mm yet.
    Switched to the WATE on an M9 for 80% of the work. Often in landscapes I just merge S2 photos to get wider. That is more challenging with with this subject, but not impossible.

    Initial feedback was the shots that were the most straight and level were nowhere as interesting as the angled shots, so I have been experimenting with angles more.

    Trying to get somewhat abstract in the shots so the viewer takes more time to consider what they are seeing.

    And yes David, when these are displayed I will probably do them as triptychs.

    Some of the shots so far can be seen here:

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    David K

    Looks like you have started on an interesting and challenging project and i wish you the best of luck with it. Of the three shots you posted…I like the first two better than the last. The gilt ceiling shots on your link that you did not post are more pleasing to my eye. I think that's because the ceiling is inherently symmetrical where the other posted shots are not… and I have a personal preference for symmetry. Other viewers may well have a preference for the asymmetrical way in which you have chosen to show the ceiling. On the other hand, I love the shots of the oblong landings which you treated the same way. Probably not much help but I thought I would give you some feedback anyway 🙂

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    David Farkas


    I really like the first shot. I also like the more symmetrical version on your site of the same structure as well. Not sure which I like best. You could do a triptych series of 3 different angles of the same subject. Might be and interesting twist.


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    Interesting shots! Detail and colors are great. Should make a great book.

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    Jack MacD

    An additional “ceiling” for the series.
    16mm 1/15 sec

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    Jack MacD

    And another for the “Looking Up” series.

    The series so far can be seen here:


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    Jack MacD

    Another up shot
    with the WATE on 16mm

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    Beautiful pictures with a great perspective. I look forward to seeing more from your project.

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