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    Well, I took my recently acquired S2 to Hawaii on our family trip. The kids let me bring it along if I promised it wouldn’t interfere with their beach time. They had plenty of that but I made them do some hiking too. Still working on processing but here are a few from Maui (Big Island later).

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    Very nice collection of shots, cleverly avoiding typical vacation snapping! 🙂 I think my fav is the first one, which I’m guessing is in moonlight. Lovely colors, reflection. And I like that black sand beach pic too… what is that location; road to Hana?

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    Thanks Doug. Yes, the first one is moonlight early am outside our hotel on Kaanapali beach. Best thing about coming from the East is waking up at 4 am (Hawaii time) for the first few days.

    The black sand beach was on the road to Hana. Quite a road going there but even tougher if you keep going – very narrow, rough, winding roads. Most people turn back at Hana but if you go on the landscape is amazing.

    The 2nd shot was from Slaughterhouse beach about 100 steps descent from the main road – decent swimming and snorkeling. The 3rd shot is from Big Beach – big golden sand and great boogie boarding for adults (but that day it was even a little too rough).

    The 4th shot was from the top of Haleakala National Park (10,000+ ft.). Most go for the sunrise but we knew the kids weren’t getting up at 2 am. Sunsets are better anyway and less crowded:). With the lava and setting sun, looked like we were on a different planet – maybe, Mars (see pic below.)

    Last shot was from a difficult to access red sand beach. Kids had to slide down a steep dirt path maybe 20 ft. If it was sunny, the water would have been more blue/azure.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Pete Walentin

    Hi Arun,

    Nice shots. Is the one in your last post driving past Hana? Have you done the whole tour along Piilani Highway?

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    Hi Pete –

    Yes, the red sand beach is just a little past Hana. We drove the whole way around on Piilani Hwy – a stunning drive that I think many miss and the road was ok.

    Backside of the volcano on Piilani Hwy (after Hana):

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    I can no longer manage the tight curves of that highway around the north shore between Hana and Paia; I get nauseous and dizzy. The last time going CCW I barely made it to Mama’s Fish House to recuperate! The first time, years ago, going clockwise, the pavement ended a mile or so past Kipahulu (aviator Charles Lindbergh is buried on the grounds of the Palapala Ho’omau Church in Kipahulu).

    Late in the afternoon, it was dark with thunderstorms and rain, and near the end of the pavement the gravel track descended to beach level and forded a stream (no bridge). About half-way to Ulupalakua Ranch (where the pavement resumed), in the dark I hit a largish rock flattening the right front tire. Our rental car was a Pontiac J-2000, to give you an idea of the era… front wheel drive so I moved the RR tire to the RF and put the little high-pressure spare on the RR. Soaked to the bone, no further incidents…

    So, a few years ago, when we ventured down the hill after visiting Tedeschi Winery (at the Ranch), we were shocked to meet tour buses and rental Camaros coming the other way. Obviously the road had been improved, as formerly the car rental agencies barred driving that road as well as around the north end of West Maui (which was a jeep track too).

    Lots of great photos awaiting on the “dry” south side of Haleakala, and I’ll have another look late this Fall, but will not venture north of Hana!

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