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    Mark Gowin

    I seem to always use the multiple field metering on the S2 and wonder if I should reconsider this approach. I know this a somewhat basic question, but I haven't seen the need to use the center weighted or spot metering modes. I recall trying the different metering modes when conducting a demo on a pre-release S2 and couldn't detect a big difference. Perhaps I need to re-evaluate these metering modes.

    On another note, I used to shoot in aperture priority mode almost all the time, but have been manually selecting both shutter speed and aperture much more often now days. I find it easier to adjust the exposure bias this way rather than changing the exposure compensation (that is pretty easy as well). This approach probably diminishes the need for or benefits of center weighted or spot metering because I can look at a scene and pretty much tell how to adjust the exposure as determined by the multiple field metering.

    I am curious how others approach metering and exposure control on the S2.

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    David K

    I'm a matrix (multiple) metering/aperture priority shooter…at least for the most part. When I shoot Nikon D3S I've got the ev comp down pretty well and it's very simple to implement. On the M9 I find that auto exposure frequently results in overexposing highlights… at least in a lot of situations that I shoot, e.g. dappled sunlight in the trees, etc… so I have been metering manually in a lot of situations. With the S2 I find myself mostly using multiple metering and aperture priority…unless I'm shooting with lights, then it's obviously manual. For me I think it's mostly a question of ease of use which probably translates to familiarity with the camera. Lots of ways to skin the cat and as long as the end result is a properly exposed image it doesn't really matter how you get there.

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    Pete Walentin

    Hi Mark,

    I'm doing it the same way as you when shooting handheld. I do set the exposure by half pressing the shutter release, focus with the back button, compose the picture and fire.

    Tripod is different. Before using the S2 I very often used the M Mode. But with the S2 I mostly use the exposure compensation.

    I think the S2 really supports you to concentrate on the picture rather then turning wheels and making adjustments.

    But I do not shoot that much so far and take time to try out everything possible. So this is a preliminary statement. 😉


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    Mark Gowin

    Thank you for he replies David and Pete. Food for thought.

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