Discussion Forum Leica S System S2 New Firmware – what to expect on the S2?
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    The new S firmware is supposed to improve autofocus on the S (006). Will there be any improvements also for the S2, or just the upgrade for the 100mm f/2?

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    Just installed the new firmware for the S2, and tested autofocus on 120CS and 180mm. I have to judge by memory only, but it seems faster and more precise. Maybe a little noisier, too? When focus changes are big, it seems to go brrrrr-br, with a short fine correction after a very brief pause. Only one incident of hunting (to macro) on the 120CS, otherwise precise and fast.

    Curious to hear impressions from other users, would be very happy if AF is improved also on the S2, or am I just dreaming?

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    Jack MacD

    This little video of a 120mm lens focusing before and after the update suggest there is one less step of searching now.
    The sound tells the story a bit clearer than the embarrassingly fuzzy image.


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