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    I bought my first digital Leica in January and love it. It is a used SL that was in pristine condition. After about 3 months of shooting I notice that the geotagging is not working although it is ‘on’. Then I noticed that the shutter audio confirmation is not always sounding when I click the shutter, most of the time yes though. Then noticing that the viewfinder settings I pick; grid lines and horizon level sometimes reset themselves. I have reset the camera back to factory default, I have downloaded the latest firmware and still experience these anomalies. Am I doing something wrong? I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation. I should mention that none of these issues impacts the image quality or camera functionality. Thanks for any/all help.

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    Hello. I have Leica SL 1.2 version. Can I upgrade firmware to 3.0 or I missed the train? Thank you.

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