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    For those who are new to the subreddit, or may not be aware, please know that /r/Leica is a subreddit focused on sharing content specifically pertaining to Leica Camera. For this reason, in order for an image to be shared, it would need to fit into one of the following categories:

    •The content of the image would need to be focused on Leica Camera products.

    •If the content does not focus specifically on Leica Camera products the image must have been taken with a Leica camera, and demonstrates a skill or technique that is incredibly difficult to execute correctly, has not been seen before, or both.

    It is important to know that being able to focus, frame a shot, play with depth of field, and other rudimentary techniques, are not considered particularly difficult or unseen. These are the bare minimum requirements for taking a photo with any camera, especially a Leica. If you would like to share images taken with a Leica camera that does not meet one of the two criterias listed above please refer to the side bar for a list of subreddits that welcome this type of content.

    Yes, this means that post frequency will be significantly lower than in other subreddits. Yes, this means that there will be significantly less user engagement. This is absolutely fine. The tradeoff is that we have a unique community where visitors are able to get information and content specific to Leica Camera, without having to filter through a swarm of image based posts. Short of forums and a handful of blogs (most of which are sponsored) this makes /r/Leica a unique community, and a useful resource for fans of Leica cameras .

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