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    Well, I’m not sure whether they were closed at that time or not, but I’m aware that the massive absence of players caused by the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t good for the casinos at all. You can learn more about it, and according to that article, the absence of Chinese players caused the most financial damage.

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    Hi, I’m new and really want to try to play in online casinos. But I do not want to come across scammers and therefore I want to ask your advice, in what casino should I try to play?

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    Good evening buddy I really like various online games, especially the casino. I read the article https://www.hetkontakt.nl/regio/alblasserwaard/296830/de-nieuwe-wet-koa-ingezonden-mededeling- and found a nice site that allows me to play and relax. Actually, such a solution provides only proven methods and effective options if you like to spend time with pleasure.

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    Yeah physical casinos would have struggled massively during the pandemic, but not so much online casinos! I don’t mind playing on an online casino, but at the moment I’m getting really into horse racing betting. The odds are great and there are plenty of places to get tips from online.

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