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    Josh Lehrer

    Just a taste of a more comprehensive article to come…Leica S2 using a custom made bellows tilt/shift system with a Rollei SL66 lens mount, in this case an 80mm lens. About 12mm of shift and tilt used in this image…

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    Hi, it’s very nice ! 😉 how many cost this lens ? regards.

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    I have a Mamiya tilt-shift bellows adapted with a S2-Mamiya adapter but the shortest lens that will focus infinity is around 120 mm – not very useful in the field. There have been several factory tilt-shift bellows setups made for 35mm (Nikon & Minolta and others) but not many for medium format. What bellows unit was used for your setup?

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    Josh Lehrer

    This setup is a custom-built tilt-shift bellows system for Rollei SL66 lenses. We have this system made to order, so if it is an item of interest, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss details further.

    The Rollei SL66 lenses can be found on the web, and we can also source lenses to pair with our custom adapter should one be interested. I have yet to try the Mamiya system, but we have successfully used Rollei SL66 lenses as wide as 40mm with this adapter, and maintained infinity focus.

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