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    These were taken at the ‘Scenic Overlook' in Southern WVa on the Southbound side of I-77. The date was 27 August – not yet time for Autumn colors. Since I'm using the same computer and photo editor as I have for the prior 5 years, I can see that the T/18-56 is producing much better JPEGs than my previous cameras (X Vario, X1, Nikon ‘A'), excepting the Monochrom which is B&W only.

    Leica T/18-56, f10, 1/320 handheld, ISO 200.
    I-77 Freeway from Scenic Overlook

    Leica T/18-56, f6.2, 1/200 handheld, ISO 200.
    West Virginia Scenic Overlook - 27 August

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