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    Hi everyone,

    I am lucky enough to be in a position to get myself my first Leica this xmas. Having read lots of reveiws I am not sure whether to spend the lots of money on the X2 or to just simply get the D Lux6.

    I essentially would like the camera to take with me whilst travelling for good quality street photos and photos of the family. (I dont want to pay for professional shots of the kids anymore and would love to take professional quality images myself).

    I have had cameras for years, but now wish to get a Leica. And I don’t mind spending the extra money, if the X2 is worth it. But dont want to waste my money, if its only for the ‘cool image’.

    Many thanks for your advice.


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    I had the X1, and currently have the D-Lux6, C-112, and Monochrom/Noctilux. My opinion is that the difference in sensor size may be important if ultimate resolution is critical, but for most purposes, the difference between a fixed 35 mm focal length and the 24-90 mm zoom is a very big difference. If I were set on having the zoom and still wanted the large sensor, I would stretch to the X Vario. The X Vario offers much greater value for the price than the X2 in my opinion.

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