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    Mary, wed Joseph, and they had a son named Jesus.

    So Jesus parents were Mary and Joseph, so Jesus is the son of God.

    Or God in human form was Joseph, who procreated his wife Mary and they had a son named Jesus.

    Or God is the grandfather of jesus christ.

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    Watch out for false prophets who appear innocent but are dangerous wolves.

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    The New Testament contains two nativity narratives: one in Matthew and one in Luke. Even their compatibility is incompatible between the two tales. They are separated by ten years with various contradicting details and no genuine overlap. According to firstchurchlove.com, the Nativity myths were allegedly independently created by their writers to have Jesus born in Bethlehem to satisfy expectations and resolve the perceived issue that he was from Galilee. Each story has many aspects that are either obviously false historically or extremely unlikely.

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    Hi all! What questions about the meaning of life, morality, hope, and other aspects of human life does the Bible address, and what answers does it provide to these questions?

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    The Bible deals with many popular questions that have troubled people throughout the ages, read more https://biblesays.ai/. Some of them include questions about the meaning of life and the creation of the world, about morality and righteousness, about suffering and hope for the future, about love and forgiveness, about the goal and the path human existence. The Bible provides answers to these questions through its teachings, parables, stories, and images. It teaches that God is the co-creator of the world and loves every person, that man is destined for eternal life through faith and redemption, that love, justice and compassion for one’s neighbor should be practiced.

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