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    Hi everyone,

    I've been shooting film with my Leica M6 for about 2 years now. I'm dealing with a little internal battle, part of me wants to get into the Digital M cameras. But, there's a part of me wondering if I go into digital Ms, I won't go back to my M6 or my experience shooting my M6 will completely change.
    Note : I have an SL2 with an M adapter as well.

    Any thoughts and comments are welcome.

    TLDR: Should I go digital or stay with film

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    You already have a digital SL2. So digital is not new to you. You are right that you may not use the M6 as much if you had a digital M. If for no other reason than speed of processing the photos. With digital it is almost instantaneous. Then there is the cost of film processing, even if you develop yourself there is a cost not incurred with digital. If you do process your own film and enjoy the time spent in a dark room, you will probably keep using the M6. While taking the photo with an M will remain the same, the workflow afterwards will be different. Good luck with your decision.

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