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    Stuart Richardson

    Hi guys,
    Are any of you aware of a view camera adapter for the S2? I know that David and Josh did the Arca Swiss 6×9…has there been any progress on that? I also have the V mount adapter, I thought maybe there was a graflock back that took a v mount…I am guessing not as only the 200 or 2000 series would work. I have a nice Horseman 45LE monorail that would be sturdy enough for the S2, I believe, and it would be nice to use it. The primary uses I am thinking of are copy work for my lab. Occasionally I get requests to scan artwork that is either larger than A4 or inflexible, and if that is the case, it is a pain to digitize, as I do not have a good flatbed scanner. The monorail would be useful because it would allow perspective control. I also make digital contact sheets with the s2 (don’t laugh! A 40mp contact sheet is pretty useful!), and of course, perspective correction would be useful there as well.

    I don’t have the largest budget for this…it is really only a minor use…maybe I should just get a copy stand!

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    Mark Gowin

    Hey Stuart,

    I am sure David or Josh will jump in and let you know what they have tried or are thinking of trying. They brought some sort of technical camera adapted to attach to an S2 with them on the New England fall foilage trip last fall. I used it with my S2 for a photo of a church to gain perspective control. It worked with no problem, but I can’t recall the brand. Sorry.

    Good luck on your quest.


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    I use a Sinar Hasselblad adapter with Leica S-Adapter V for connection to Sinar P2.

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