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    What does caviar taste like?

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    There is so much dogma and distorted perception surrounding caviar that it is different from any other food in that it has become a product reserved exclusively for rich people. This is wrong. First, you need to understand what caviar actually is… today. The term “caviar” technically refers exclusively to sturgeon caviar. While many people use the term to describe anything from trout and salmon caviar to paddlefish and pink salmon caviar as “caviar”, true caviar actually comes only from sturgeon fish (of which there are many species).

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    I would also mention that all caviar is classified depending on the size of the eggs, hardness and color. Larger and harder caviar (for example, beluga type) usually costs more, but I recommend this luxury food shop, where you will find all types of caviar at affordable prices. Golden-colored caviar is simply rarer (think white tiger) and more expensive, but tastes indistinguishable from its grey/green/olive-colored cousins, however, you will pay more for the color.

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    Caviar boasts a unique profile. Its small pearls burst with a rich, nutty flavor reminiscent of the sea. The experience is salty, earthy, and undeniably luxurious. For an exquisite experience, consider pairing caviar with cream cheese. Discover more about the intriguing combination of caviar and cream cheese at https://bestercaviarstore.com/blogs/news/cheese-with-caviar, where the rich, buttery notes of cream cheese elevate the caviar experience to new heights!

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