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    Photography is a genuine art and hobby. Not everyone can be a good photographer. I'd consider myself a decent photographer judging by the equipment I have. Sometimes I take these amazing photos that I just have to save somewhere, write about them, what made me take that photo, what time it was, what my emotions were at that very moment.

    At first I thought I should start an Instagram account but I'm not the social media type of person. Then I just installed Document Writer. What I love the most about saving my favorite photos in Document Writer is that I can categorize them like Sunsets, Portraits, Trees etc and I can change the font style, add headings and make the document look like its personalized.

    I'd like to know a few other ways you guys save your favorites? And if you would like to try Document Writer then download it from the appStore. I would definitely recommend it.

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    I save them by camera make/model on my website, and I save them by hierarchical filename on my computers and backup drives.

    I use the iTunes app to organize them on my Apple devices, but since Apple sorts only by date, I have to “prep” a copy of them for iTunes so the date order and filename order match.

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