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    Doug Herr;1938 wrote: Depends on the subject and the photographer. My wildlife lens is the Leica 280mm f/4. I'll use it with an extender as needed, but I sold my longer lenses. I've also used 100mm and 180mm lenses for wildlife. Good field technique can often substitute for many mm of focal length.

    Absolutely. I shot an assignment in Sarasota bird refuge. It took me one day to figure out that there is no such thing as a long enough lens. Then I spent next day figuring out how to make my 300mm long enough. It turns out, if you hide well and do not move around a lot, 300mm can be even excessive 🙂

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    Stuart Richardson;1929 wrote: …….

    The only real downsides I can think of are the size and weight (comparable or less than most competitors), and the expense (ridiculously expensive, but worth it).

    Well, the size and weight is not really a downside of this particular camera. It is just one of pleasant inevitabilities of medium format. The body itself is smaller than most medium format cameras and even some of 35mm pro SLRs. It is the lenses that cannot be made smaller or lighter.

    As to the price tag, look at it this way: Leica S2 is a system, which makes 35mm SLR unnecessary for the most part. So, there is no need to maintain two systems. It really saves you 10-15 grand, depending on your lens lineup.
    Even for those who shoot wildlife and sports, all you need is one 35mm SLR body and a 300/2.8 lens.

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    fotografz;1917 wrote: Interesting read from a good friend of mine:


    Marc, you were supposed to be sick in bed! 😀
    Thanks for posting the link and get well!

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    David Farkas;1919 wrote: Marc,

    Thanks for the link. Very interesting test. The S2 performed very well under a wide range of conditions. Not sure what was up with the color bleed on the the Aptus, though.

    One comment… Irakly was having an issue with how to record DNG to CF card and JPG to SD card simultaneously. This is of course possible. Set File Format to DNG+JPG and Data Storage to Parallel.

    Hey David! Thanks for the tip. It is probably the most counter-intuitive setting in the camera menu 🙂 🙂

    As to purple madness of the Leaf back, I do have a strong suspicion that something is just wrong with it. However, purple aside, the whole experience was quite underwhelming.

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    There is another interesting battery issue, mostly concerning those who still uses their M8 batteries in M9 cameras.
    According to the M9 product specialist at Leica USA with whom I spoke the other day, older batteries that are reaching their end-of-life point (which is approximately two years) may cause an undercurrent situation. It makes a camera behave erratically leading to write errors, corrupted SD cards and camera acting like the battery is dead. I tend to believe him, because I used the M8 battery in all three instances of my M9 playing possum during high-pace shooting. This always happens when the battery has less than 30% charge.

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