• Jack,

    Thanks for the review and pictures! You're helping to convince me to buy one of these though I'm afraid that ship has sailed! 😀 I like what I'm seeing from David, you and other forums members. However I may wait for an updated “snap”! Now if they'll only produce enough cameras to ship!

    Thanks again and do feel free to add…[Read more]

  • David,

    A wonderful review! You guys do a great job with your videos! Many thanks!

    May have to make a trip down your way to handle it one of these days soon. Of course I want a Yellow cover for mine! LOL! 😀 I'm pretty certain Leica will be pleased with pre sales as it suits as a back up for M/S shooters who are dedicated…[Read more]

  • Great thread Marc !

    Since reading about this offer I too have been in a bit of a quandary. Like you (well not really as an amateur), I also own, and have thoroughly enjoyed the S2P! Didn't do the S upgrade as I didn't feel the value was there. Opinions expressed are all very valid and I will continue monitoring the situation. Like Marc…[Read more]