• Thanks for the shots Gage.

    RE: EXIF, I find that when I use “Save For WEB” in CS6 or CC, even when I click include EXIF, the software continues to strip it. 😡

    I believe in CS5 and below there wasn't even an option to maintain EXIF data.

  • WPalank replied to the topic 45 vs 35 CS Lenses. in the forum S Lenses 8 years, 11 months ago

    Thank you RVP.

    If stepping out and you could only carry one lens (may we put weight as a non-issue for the moment?), is there one you prefer over the other, lets say for portraiture?

    It seems the 35 may have the “potential” for a little more distortion at the edges being the wider of the two. (??) Would love for you to…[Read more]