In light of the recent price reduction on the Leica SL (Typ 601), Leica USA has just issued an update for the CCD Sensor Corrosion Upgrade program. After the adjustment, upgrading to an SL from a CCD-based M camera now costs the same as opting for an M (Typ 240) or M (Typ 262). The price change here is variable based on what camera will be upgraded, with the most significant drop for M9 and M-E owners. The SL and Q were just added as options to the upgrade program last month.

To qualify for the upgrade, your CCD-based M camera must be confirmed to have sensor corrosion.

Here is the revised pricing with the changes highlighted:

Upgrade from M9/M-E
to M (Typ 240)$3,100
to M-P (Typ 240)$3,700
to Monochrom (Typ 246)$3,980
to M (Typ 262)$3,100
to SL (Typ 601)$3,100
to Q (Typ 116)$2,350


Upgrade from M9-P
to M (Typ 240)$2,800
to M-P (Typ 240)$3,400
to Monochrom (Typ 246)$3,680
to M (Typ 262)$2,800
to SL (Typ 601)$2,800
to Q (Typ 116)$2,100


Upgrade from Monochrom
to M (Typ 240)$2,750
to M-P (Typ 240)$3,400
to Monochrom (Typ 246)$3,480
to M (Typ 262)$2,750
to SL (Typ 601)$2,700
to Q (Typ 116)$2,100


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