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After discovering a bug in their most recent M10 firmware release (, Leica has quickly issued another firmware update for the M10: firmware The new firmware has the same SD card compatibility improvements found in but fixes a bug that could case black images when shooting very short exposure times.  You can read more about the SD card improvements from the release here: Leica SD Card Compatibility Improvements.

You can download the latest M10 firmware here: M10 Firmware

We also made a short video tutorial on how to update your M10 firmware:

The full release notes, from Leica:

With the previous firmware a larger selection of SD cards were made compatible with the Leica M10. Unfortunately we discovered, that in certain cases, the firmware could produce black images when using short exposure times.

This bug has now been fixed with firmware All improvements from previous firmware versions are included in firmware We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

To install the firmware on your Leica M10, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a fully charged battery into the camera
  2. Download the new firmware file to your computer
  3. Prepare the SD card for installation:
    1. Make sure that the card contains at least 200 MB of free disk space
    2. It is recommended to format the card inside the camera before continuing
    3. Download the new firmware file to your computer
    4. Copy the firmware file to the root directory of the SD card
    5. Eject the SD card properly from your computer
  4. Insert the SD card into the camera and switch the camera on
  5. Go to Main Menu / Camera Information / Camera Firmware
  6. Press “Yes” to confirm and start the process;
    1. Please confirm to save your current profiles to SD card before proceeding with the update
    2. Wait until the update installation is completed
    3. Restart the camera, do not eject the SD card
  7. Please load your last profiles from SD card after the first startup
  8. The update process is complete

As always, do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

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