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    Hello All, these are a few 0.95 images that I have taken in the past few months – hope you all enjoy them. Comments are welcome and appreciated.

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    Norman, interesting shots, grouped into one big upload. I wish I could see what that central crowd were all looking at, but the lady feeding her daughter an ice cream cone is charming. Also the little girl all dressed up sitting on a rock in the stream; cute. And you caught a good moment with the kid at the fountain. The military group portrait seem strangely posed, different than I would expect. You're obviously having some fun!

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    Doug, thank you for your comments, really appreciated. The 0.95 is an amazing lens and I am loving it.

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    Sure would like to see more Nocti pictures ……..

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    nice grouping.. seems like a great time.

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    koala54;755 wrote: Sure would like to see more Nocti pictures ……..

    Here is the one recently taken in Italy

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    At Lake Como

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    nice images!

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