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Today, Leica Camera USA has announced the Leica CL ‘Street Kit.' Adding another bundled option to the lineup after the CL Starter Bundle with 18mm Elmarit-TL was introduced earlier this week, the CL ‘Street Kit' offers a comprehensive package aimed at street photographers. Combining a black Leica CL camera, 23mm f/2 Summicron-TL ASPH lens, CL Handgrip, vintage black leather carrying strap, and an extra battery, the ‘Street Kit' is ready to be pressed into service.

The compact 23mm f/2 Summicron, equivalent to the tried-and-true 35mm focal length on full frame, offers the classic reportage field of view. A fast f/2 maximum aperture  allows for subject isolation and low light performance. The addition of the upgraded leather strap, handgrip for added stability, and an extra battery round out the ‘Street Kit.'

The Leica CL is an awesome little camera, and a great way to get into a Leica interchangeable lens system camera. I've been using it for almost all of my personal photographic needs over the past year and will have an in-depth review up on Red Dot Forum in the near future. For more CL content, you can check out Kirsten's travels to India with the Leica CL here: Two Weeks in India with the Leica CL: Getting out of my Comfort Zone, and Luis' thoughts on shooting Leica M lenses on the CL here: Using M Lenses on the Leica CL: New City, New Camera, Familiar Glass.


Pricing and Availability

Priced at $4,195, the Leica CL ‘Street Kit' is an $835 savings over purchasing the components separately. You can order by clicking the link below, emailing, or calling 305-921-4433.

Purchase Leica CL ‘Street Kit'


Press Release

Leica Camera is pleased to announce a new boxed kit for the compact street camera system, the Leica CL ‘Street Kit'. Assembled with the Leica Summicron-TL 23 mm f/2 ASPH. lens, the Leica CL makes a perfect compact system with the tried and true 35 mm equivalent focal length for the quintessential reportage style of shooting. Photographers on the city streets can get into the action and capture life as it happens, hearkening back to the earliest days of candid street photography, along with the support of extra added accessories that come included with the Leica CL ‘Street Kit.'

The Leica CL ‘Street Kit' comes complete with a Leica CL camera (#19301), a Leica Summicron-TL 23 mm f/2 ASPH. lens (#11081), a Handgrip CL (#19507) for added grip and stronger handling support, a svelte black leather carrying strap (#19520) and two rechargeable batteries (#19500) to keep photographers shooting all day and night. In addition to augmenting the traveling photographer's shooting experience, the Leica CL ‘Street Kit' is priced attractively with a combined savings of about $835 compared to purchasing each item individually.



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