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    Hi everyone! I live in Vancouver, I have a problem with broken washer. Who knows the service which could help me with repair my washer? Thank you for recommendation.

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    It’s good to know you have someone to trust. My fridge was leaking and we called for https://mlappliancerepair.ca/ service. The technition came by and diagnosed the problem quickly and explained very clearly what needed to be done. He preformed the service and was very honest and polite. He also gave us a 30 day warranty period. I strongly recommend to use his services.

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    When my refrigerator broke down, my healthy ice freezer also broke down, since I have a restaurant, I was thinking about replacing equipment, I was also interested in how it would be easier for me to take out ice for cutting into pieces, I was offered to buy an ice block hoist, but I don’t know where to find it, do you think it will help me?

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    Yes, sure! I recently purchased an ice block hoist and am very pleased with the results. This lift is great for moving large blocks of ice thanks to its durable design and comfortable handle. In addition, it ensures safety when working with ice, which is very important. If you need a lift like this, I can recommend this model!

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