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    Pete Walentin

    Wasn't able to sleep tonight. Too excited. Awake since 4am.

    Someone was coming home.

    It feels like being 12 again.


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    Congratulations, be sure to post some pictures.

    I bought my first rangefinder- a Minolta Hi-Matic 9, when I was 11. A whole Summer of mowing lawns.

    I'm sure to be as excited when my M Monochrom arrives. I'll have to load up the Hi-Matic 9 with some B&W film.

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    I just received mine as well…pure excitement!

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    Pete Walentin


    I'm learning so much again with the Monochrom, very cool. As already written in other forums about the Monochrom, it is interesting how I was used to look for colors and instantly when framing a picture in my mind which is based on colors, a pop-up appears in my brain which reads: Attention: Color only! – So much fun.

    On the other side I must admit, this time of the season (at least where I am on the planet), running around with the Monochrom is pure excitement. The sun is not that high anymore and by early afternoon you have perfect lighting in the city. Long shadows, lots of contrast.

    I will post some image next week when I'm back on my machine.

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