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    David K

    Had a bit of a scare the other day when i tried to upload the images from a shoot and they wouldn't copy from the card to my hard drive. I've had this happen before when there are corrupted images on the card… so I suspected that was the problem. My good friend Andre once told me to put the card back in the camera when this happens and take another shot. Can't recall the technicalities of what this does… but it works. In any event, put the card back in the reader and looked through all the images before attempting an upload. There were about 5-7 pure black images, randomly spaced, on a full 16GB card. Deleted all those (assuming they were corrupted) and the upload worked fine. Not sure why I got them… maybe I was shooting too fast for the camera and ran into the buffer. Thought I'd pass it along in case anybody else runs into this situation.

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    Mark Gowin

    Thank you for the tip David. I will remember that one. I'm sure it was a huge relief for you to have lost only a few photos instead of an entire 16gb card.

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    David K

    It was. Would be bad news for any shoot but when it's scantily clad models it's a disaster 🙂 Not sure why these are showing up so bright on this post.

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    Kurt Kamka

    David, I didn't notice if they were too bright or not … I am just happy they were showing up on my screen. 😉


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    This is the same problem I referred to in a new thread called Shooting Blanks. Apparently it is symptomatic of the camera, not just mine. I used flash when it occurred and I was certain the flash fired on those blank shots. On a whim, I hit Auto Tone on those blanks in Lightroom and to my surprise there was indeed an image recorded, albeit way underexposed. It appears that the shutter may be going out of sync with the flash under heavy load. In my experience, as I outline in the above mentioned thread, I only encounter the problem after a fair number of steady-paced captures with flash. Discovering that the camera is actually recording an image in what appear to be blanks casts a whole new light on things.

    David, your thoughts?

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