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    Anyone got a good solution for filters on the 24mm? I tried my Lee 100 system on it but it obviously vignettes quite badly, what are others using?

    Many thanks


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    Mat , I have placed a Progrey 95mm slim adapter and Progrey G-100x filter holder on my Vario-Elmar S 30-90mm zoom and it does not vignette at 30mm. I realize that is not the 24mm and I don’t have a 24mm, but Lynn Radeka of Progrey assures me it will not vignette on the 24mm either. Should note however, that the Progrey filter holder accepts 2mm thick filters and will not accept the Schneider ND filters which are 4mm thick. I have learned from John Adler of Lee Filters that they are going to release a 95mm adapter ring for their SW150 holder and that would certainly work with the 24mm. Bill

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