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    I feel ashamed to make this request for help but am feeling fraught!
    Have just bought used Q having ariived there via M8 and CL.
    I follow the instruction for downloading the latest firmware but it wll not load into the camera. I notice that it looks as thought the previous owner used a Mac. Would this affect the process?
    Any helpful suggestions welcome!

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    Andrew McKay

    Hi Scottie, i I also just bought a used Q.
    It came with firmware V3.0 installed but wouldn’t connect to Leica Fotos. So I tried downloading V3.1 from Leica.com but it repeatedly failed to load, iI kept getting a ‘Download failed-Network error’ code. So I emailed Leica technical service in the US (I’m in Canada’, they were brilliant and WeTransfered me the firmware update, the technician said they’d been having trouble with that download link lately. Perhaps message them or I’d be happy to send it to you. Hope that helps.

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    Thanks very much for the information and for taking the time to respond.

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    Don’t feel ashamed to ask for help! I’m here to assist you. Let’s break down your request and address each part:

    You recently purchased a used camera called the Q.
    You arrived at this camera after using the M8 and CL models.
    You are attempting to download the latest firmware for the camera, but it is not loading.
    You noticed that the previous owner may have used a Mac, and you’re wondering if this could affect the firmware update process.
    You’re seeking any helpful suggestions.

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