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    Looking to get my first Leica body and I am debating between a Typ 240 and the new M10.

    I would be purchasing pre-owned and from some scouring I can see I can pick up a 240 for approximately $3000 USD at best (maybe $4000 CAD) and an M10 for about $6200 USD at best (approx $8000 CAD).

    Everything in me says for a first-time shooter twice the price for the body is just not worth it, and I should invest that $4000 in accessories and lenses. I must admit I am leaning toward using Voigtlander glass vs. Leica glass as I have seen incredible results from their 50 f/1.5 aspherical and their 35 f/1.2 which are the two focal lengths I use. Both can be had fairly cheap. If I'm honestly considering stretching my budget to $8000 CAD I could invest in something originally Leica as well.

    Just curious what everything thinks for a first-time shooter, if I should invest in the new model so I'm good for years, or should I stick to the 240 for now and figure things out later on?

    I have been progressively pairing down and simplifying my photography as the years have gone by. Went from Nikon with a crap ton of gear to realizing I only like 35 and 50 on full-frame and now I've sold my full-frame setup and switched to, believe it or not, a Fuji X100.

    My slow, deliberate style of shooting and mostly shooting in manual on the X100 has taught me that maybe Leica is the next foray.

    I lean toward the Typ 240 because:


    Video capability (if I ever want it)

    Compatibility with the Olympus EVF; I find EVFs very helpful on occasion

    I lean toward the M10 because:

    Significantly thinner

    Better performance


    Wifi. I love being out and about and being able to transfer a photo to my phone and instantly edit and share. My X100 has this and I love it.

    Any thoughts??

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