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    Does anyone know of a geotagging adapter that is compatible with the S2? Would certainly be nice to tag landscape photos on trip to many destinations.

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    I use a Sony GPS CS3. It's totally independent of the S2 (or any camera) and just rides shotgun in my bag or pocket. Then I use Photolinker to end the data in the Leica S2 DNGs. I wrote a review a year or two ago using freeware to do the geotagging / embedding – Geotagging Leica M9 files.

    Today, things are easier because the purchased version of Photolinker is just drag and drop; I don't need to convert the track files into the NEMA sentences. The only tricky part can be sync'ing the tracks and pictures – especially if on a vacation and changing time zones. Sometimes I have to shift the track times, other times it's the raw files that need their time shifted. Shifting is done easily in the Photolinker software, but figuring out how much shift you need (i.e. – 1 hr, 2 hrs and in which direction) can be tricky, especially when the time zone has shifted 6-7-8 hours.

    It may be easy and I'm just dumb, whatever the case, I was a weeeeee bit frustrated in Hawaii last year trying to sync files. I finally got the offset right, but it took some trial and error. The smart person will set the correct local time on the GPS (GMT offset) and the camera at the destination. Sometimes I'm not that smart 🙂 It's very important to check the times because some of my cameras lose or gain minutes. So at a start of a trip, I sync the times.

    In the Sony unit I'm using Ansman 2850 mAh rechargeables, and they usually give me a 2-3-4 days of service – much better than AA alkalizes.

    Anyway, I've been geotagging S2 files without issue. I'd like to see a more elegant solution, but the Sony works and since it's stand alone, it works with my other gear as well.

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    All the images from our Carmel trip of geo data added in the DNGs. You can root around in the EXIF and see what data was added:

    For Firefox I love the FXiF Viewer Plug-in. With it, you can right click on any web image and see the embedded EXIF. The geo data shows up in my pix. I tried a similar plug-in for Safari, but it caused a bunch of issues with Flash. Can't remember what that plug was though…

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    Thanks for the helpful instruction. I looked up the Sony GPS CS3 at B&H and others but it seems that it is discontinued. Does anyone know what could be good alternatives?

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    Unfortunately not an S2-owner, but I started to use Geotagr on my iPhone and it's a breeze.

    Just turn on the App when you start shooting and stop it when you're done. You can export the GPS info and mail it to your workstation. Lightroom recognizes the file when you import it and will geotag your images.

    Just remember to sync the time on your camera with your iPhone.

    Easy to use and cheap, no extra device to bring along needed, if you have an iPhone, of course.


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    Any suggestions for those without an iPhone? (I know I should feel ashamed but I don't own one and my iPad is WIFI only.)

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