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    Jack MacD

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    Josh Lehrer

    Thanks for the link!

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    Nick Rains

    One of the constant themes in web discussions is that no-one can really get a sense of what images from cameras like the S-System actually look like. Web images are way too low-res.

    If anyone wants to see a little more of Leica’s image quality beyond that available on websites, I have a new (free) iPad app just released called Photique which aims, among other things, to be a publishing portal for photography articles as well as for my own photography collections. One of the portfolios available is from a shoot in China where I exclusively used the S2 as a travel camera. The iPad’s retina screen shows up IQ far better than websites can, especially as the platform allows me to show images up to 4000x2048px at 100% on the screen. That’s roughly 1/2 the linear resolution of the native S2 DNG files but still gives an excellent impression of what the camera is capable of.

    Nick Rains

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