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    Sorry for my ignorance but I recently acquired a Leica S and I wanted to find out if it is possible for me to use a Hasselblad Cfi lens on this camera. I know Leica make a couple of adaptors but am still not sure although my initial read was Not Compatible. On ebay there is a seller from Hong Kong selling a Kipon HB-LS2 adaptor which lists the CFi as being compatible but wondered if this was a cheaper copy of an existing Leica adaptor or an addition for older Hasselblad lenses. If this is an additional adaptor has anyone tried the Kipon and what has your experience been especially in relation to the Cfi lens range. Any help and insights would be much appreciated.
    Best, Glen

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    Excuse my earlier post, I did some further research and the right adaptor seems to be the Leica S Adaptor V.
    Does anyone have any experience of using this adaptor with the Hasselblad 150mm Cfi lens. Am interested in seeing how this would fare for portraits on the S.
    Thanks, glen

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    David Farkas

    The 150mm CFi should be a fine lens for portraiture on the S. And, yes, your best bet is to use the S Adapter V.

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    Thanks David, much appreciated.

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