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    Satirical essays are written using humor, hyperbole or irony to critique or poke fun of a subject. They often target celebrities, political candidates and current events. While satirical essays aim to entertain the reader, the satire writer often aims to offer useful, interesting, and eye-opening data. Learn how to write satirically.

    Step 1
    Select a topic. Choose a satirical essay topic that is ironic or absurd. Similar to a caricature artist, you want to highlight the absurdities in your subject. For ideas, you might want to look in your Sunday newspaper for political cartoons.

    Step 2
    To make your point, use hyperbole. Hyperbole refers to a literary device that exaggerates facts. Hyperbole does not necessarily mean lying. While you should stick to the facts, hyperbole can be used to draw attention to the absurdity. For example, you might say that Andy Garbo drinks a lot of coffee every year in order to keep Folgers’ stock profitable. This is obvious hyperbole but it’s used for Andy to make an exaggerated point.

    Step 3
    Irony can be used to communicate your ideas. Irony can be described as using words or phrases that express the opposite of what you mean. It also means to use words or phrases to indicate an incongruity or difference between what one expects and what actually happens. An example of irony is “He’s kind enough take from the poor in order to feed his family.” This is ironic because it uses the phrase “kind enough”. Its sarcastic tone makes irony a useful tool in satirical essays.

    Step 4
    In your satirical essays, try to find humor. Although not all satire will be funny, it is possible to make people more open to your ideas or speed up the process. Many people respond faster to humor, particularly if they can see the absurdity as you do.

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