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    Henrik Palshoej

    Hi, I got my Q the other day, today I updated to firmware 1.1, and I think that it seemed that it makes a little bit more noise (it can be me who forgot how it sounded before). When the camera is turned on, when I put the ear to the lens, I can hear a humming even when the focus botton is not pressed, OIS is not engaged. It stops only when the camera goes to sleep! I suppose that it is the focus engine that running and is ready, as I have understood that it is focus by wire, so that would explain why the above also applies when it is on manual focus. Can you confirm that it is the same on your Q? Kind regards Henrik

    Ps. You can only hear it if you put the ear to or close to the lens, you can’t hear it otherwise! I gues it is normal, but better safe than sory.

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    I still have the original 1.0 firmware. The lens makes a noise, which I wouldn’t say is humming because there’s no particular tone, just the noise. With OIS off, the noise is fairly steady, but with OIS on, you can hear the noise constantly changing as the lens is moving to compensate for shaking. I also tried setting the focus to continuous instead of single, but that didn’t make any difference in the lens noise. I also tried setting to manual focus with OIS off, and still the lens made that subtle noise.

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    Henrik Palshoej

    Hi Dalethorn,

    Thank you for the reply, I don’t know if humming was the right word, but great to hear that al is ok. Happy New Year. 🙂

    Regards Henrik

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